Brief Introduction of Wasu Group

Wasu Digital TV Media Group (Wasu Group in short) is a big state-owned culture media industry group. It is one of the front-running new media development operators in China. It has about 30 million cable TV household subscribers.

In the new media sector, Wasu Group is one of the biggest comprehensive digital content service operator and comprehensive service provider in fields such as interactive TV, 3G mobile TV and Internet TV in China. Its services cover about 100 cities in 29 provinces in China with cable network as well as covering the three major telecom operators and several million Internet users.

In the new network sector, Wasu has launched cross-generation network and cloud services to implement the upgrades of its cable network in Zhejiang Province as a major developer of the province-wide cable network industry to lead the broadcasting network industry. It also uses capital means to cooperate with broadcasting groups in places such as the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, as well as Guizhou Province and Hunan Province to promote cross-regional joint-development.

Wasu Group relies on new media, new network, cloud-computing, big data, original contents and smart technology to realize twin growths in both industry and capital to build the most innovative, sustainable and national big culture media science and technology group.